Applied Kinesiology: Clinical Techniques for Lower Body Dysfunctions

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Applied Kinesiology: Clinical Techniques for Lower Body Dysfunctions


Clearly written and fully illustrated throughout, this text offers practical, comprehensive coverage of the lower body and its related disorders. Over 300 pages of highly illustrated material from leaders in the field of applied kinesiology ensure the anatomy and techniques involved in the application of AK are easier to follow than before. Having guided the clinician through a clinical reasoning process to help establish the differential diagnosis of acute and chronic lower body disorders, the book then addresses the range of AK therapeutic options available, with the research evidence base to support these choices.

In addition to conditions generally considered to be orthopedic, e.g. feet, ankle and knee, there are two chapters on peripheral nerve entrapments in the lower body. There are chapters on each of the procedures used in applied kinesiology for these dysfunctions of phentermine online. The result is a textbook that continues the line of AK textbooks begun by Dr. David S. Walther in the 1970s that will provide an invaluable source of reference for all students and practitioners in the field of AK and manual muscle testing for physical treatment of lower body disorders.

Many patients receive excellent care of their spine, but there is failure to correct problems in the gait or extremities causing the patient to walk their back problem back in before they get home from the treatment. This book demonstrates how to find the reason(s) why spinal dysfunctions – even though adequately corrected – continue to return.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive “one-stop” textbook on lower body pain and dysfunction
  • A detailed, illustrated, evidence-based discussion of the relationship of muscle weakness to lower body pain and dysfunction
  • Describes the normal anatomy and physiology as well as the most common disorders
  • Presents indications for treatments and guidance on making the best treatment choices for each patient
  • Valuable clinical assessment protocols covering aspects of case history, physical examination supported by AK body language, imaging, and diagnostic methods incorporating the AK triad of health philosophy
  • A comparative review of clinical findings from objective and subjective examinations for specific foot, ankle, knee, leg, pelvic and lumbar dysfunctions

New to this edition:

  • Expanded coverage includes additions on the Systemic Conditions of lower body dysfunctions, comprehensively updated tramadol research and its application to evidence-based approaches to lower body problems, and many new illustrations
  • Integrates standard orthopedic examination and treatment procedures with AK and thoroughly covers the lower extremity
  • Locating and correcting peripheral nerve entrapment is one of the most often misdiagnosed and mistreated conditions

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