Applied Kinesiology Essentials: The Missing Link in Healthcare

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The text fills an important gap in applied kinesiology and manual muscle testing literature. Clearly written and fully illustrated throughout, this text offers practical, comprehensive coverage of the AK approach to holistic health care. The basics of applied kinesiology are presented in a concise, comprehensive, and updated style – all in one volume. Over 300 pages of highly illustrated material from leaders in the field of applied kinesiology ensure the diagnostic and treatment approaches presented are up-to-the-minute and easier to follow than before. This book offers many new ideas on the use of AK techniques in evaluating function. Having guided the clinician through a clinical reasoning process to help establish the differential diagnosis of functional disorders, the book then addresses the range of AK therapeutic options available, with the most updated evidence-base and updated concepts of evidence-based medicine to support these choices. Many subjects are covered here more extensively than ever before. An example is the chapter on therapy localization and challenge. Both animal and human experiments are discussed that show how the body immediately reacts when either therapy localization or challenge stimulate the sensorimotor system. The chapter on applied kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine covers applied kinesiology’s unique methods of evaluating the meridian system, as well as the contemporary research showing the myofascial system as a metasystem capable of conducting Qi throughout the body.

Applied kinesiology’s approach to the triad of health has been expanded on the mental side, with research and outcomes studies from allied systems of AK-based healthcare presented.

Extensive referencing to the scientific literature is of value to the advanced applied kinesiologist who is doing further research in AK or explaining its methods to others in the healing arts. The result is a textbook that continues the line of best-selling AK textbooks begun by Dr. David S. Walther in the 1970s that will provide an invaluable resource for all students and practitioners in the field of AK, manual muscle testing, and complementary and alternative medicine.

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive updating of the scientific rationales and approaches of AK and the importance of the manual muscle test in physical-emotional-nutritional diagnosis
  • Expanded coverage includes additions on the reliability and validity and expanding usefulness of the manual muscle test
  • A detailed, illustrated, evidence-based discussion of the relationship of muscle weakness to body pain and dysfunction
  • A rationale for treatment of the musculoskeletal system based on the relationship between the central nervous system and the muscular system
  • An integrative method for the functional examination of the muscular system
  • The role of muscular inhibition and functional pathology of the sensorimotor system relating to specific pain and functional complaints involving the upper and lower body, extremities and visceral systems
  • Examination and treatment have been improved and made much easier by Goodheart’s research, which has been reinforced by a broad sampling of contemporary scientific research
  • Presents indications for treatments and guidance on making the best treatment choices for each patient
  • Valuable clinical assessment protocols covering aspects of case history, physical examination supported by AK body language, imaging, and diagnostic methods incorporating the AK triad of health philosophy
  • A reassessment of evidence-based medicine in which the attributes of AK may be evaluated
  • The meridian system in AK
  • Comprehensively updated new AK research and its application to functional problems
  • Hundreds of new illustrations
  • This series of textbooks have been acclaimed by many who are in the process of studying applied kinesiology as being a very helpful tool
  • A thorough understanding of the material in this text will enable a physician, whatever his or her specialty, to more effectively handle problem patients and get to the basic underlying cause of a condition. Many health complaints are better understood with the information available in this text.